OGD is young company, Motivated, composed of prospective staff, Georgian-Dutch computer company, which offers your needs and convenience products and services. In our online store you can easily order your products / services without leaving home. If necessary, our consultants will help you freely and efficiently for optimal decision-making. Our goal is to make the customer friendly, decision-making, technique purchase process.

David Tskhadadze
CEO / Founder

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”

OGD main logo - www.ogd.ge

Giorgi Chkhikvadze
Marketing Director

” Good marketing never fails” 

Nino Nemsadze
Public Relations / Lawyer

“People always clap for wrong reasons”

OGD main logo - www.ogd.ge

Levan Dolidze
Customer Support

” Treat the customer like you would want to be treated”